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Aurora HDR 2018: Neue verbesserte Version

Image by Dmitriy Sytnik

Image by Dmitriy Sytnik

Geht es um besonders farbintensive, kontrastreiche Fotos mit hohem Dynamikumfang, benutze ich den HDR-Editor Aurora von Macphun. Mir gefallen die zahlreichen Stellschrauben und die trotz der vielen Funktionen immer noch recht intuitive Bedienung. Außerdem ist die Software für das Gebotene erfreulich preiswert.
Aurora HDR hat jetzt ein großes Update bekommen, ist erstmals für Mac und Windows erhältlich und heißt nun Aurora HDR 2018. Für diejenigen, die mit der HDR-Ästhetik liebäugeln und ihre eigenen Fotoergebnisse deutlich verbessern wollen, kommt hier eine Übersicht über die Features und Verbesserungen.

Ausführliche Infos und ein begrenztes Sonderangebot zur Einführung gibt es hier. 

Moraine Lake von Jim Nix; Original Foto, ohne Nachbearbeitung
Original Foto, ohne Nachbearbeitung
Moraine Lake von Jim Nix; mit Aurora HDR optimiert
mit Aurora HDR optimiert
Original Foto, ohne Nachbearbeitung
Original Foto, ohne Nachbearbeitung
A Lone Yucca in White Sands New Mexico; mit Aurora HDR optimiert
mit Aurora HDR 2018 optimiert

Aurora HDR 2018 is the world’s ultimate HDR photo solution, chock full of new tools and capabilities that will exceed your expectations. As a one-stop tool kit for casual and pro photographers alike, it’s versatile interface features a faster, more powerful, more feature-rich and satisfying experience than any other HDR software or combination of tools. Perfect for single shots or multiple-exposure brackets, Aurora HDR 2018 gives you the ultimate freedom to create.


User Interface / Performance

  • NEW: Redesigned from scratch User Interface
  • NEW: History Panel
  • NEW: Touch Bar support for Macbook Pro
  • IMPROVED: up to 4x faster RAW image processing
  • IMPROVED: up to 2x faster merging
  • IMPROVED: 2x faster masking performance
  • IMPROVED: Tone-mapping technology with reduced noise, improved realism of initial results and faster performance.
  • Advanced high quality real-time image processing engine.
  • Maximum zoom level of 3000%.
  • Histogram.
  • Color clipping preview (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Quick compare toggle.
  • Side by side comparison.
  • Built-in sample photos.
  • Full Screen preview mode (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Single view tool panel mode.
  • Choice of background colors.
  • Online help



  • NEW: Lens Correction tool (available for Mac, coming soon for PC)
  • NEW: Transform Tool (available for Mac, coming soon for PC)
  • NEW: Dodge & Burn Filter
  • NEW: Image Flip & Rotate (available for Mac, coming soon for PC)
  • NEW: Blend Modes
  • NEW: HDR Details Boost tool
  • IMPROVED: Tone Mapping Algorithm
  • IMPROVED: RAW file handling (reveals more details in shadows/highlights, displays colors more accurately and reduces noise)
  • IMPROVED: Custom Texture in any layer can now be a RAW file
  • IMPROVED: Color Temperature
  • IMPROVED: Image Radiance
  • IMPROVED: HDR Structure
  • IMPROVED: Crop tool
  • IMPROVED: HDR Clarity for better sharpening.
  • Fine-tuning sliders control.
  • Single View Mode.
  • Polarize Filter.
  • Feather & Density brush parameters for layer masks ( available for Mac, coming soon for PC)
  • Radial Masking tool.
  • Top & Bottom Adjustment. Gradient Masking tool.
  • Added Darken, Color Burn and Lighten Blend modes for Layers.
  • Advanced, automatic and realistic Tone Mapping. Better recovery of „washed“ highlights.
  • Color Temperature tool which produces more realistic results.
  • Color Filter/Selective Color tool. Added Hue adjustments.
  • Over 70 categorized HDR presets, including sets from Trey Ratcliff, Captain Kimo and Serge Ramelli.
  • Multiple Layers.
  • Luminosity Masking (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Custom Texture overlays.
  • Smart Tone technology.
  • Highlights / Midtones / Shadows adjustments.
  • Whites & Blacks.
  • HDR Denoise.
  • Color Contrast tool.
  • Glow effect.
  • Brush presets.
  • Tone curve tool.
  • Color toning.
  • Vignette.
  • Rotate image (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Masking with brackets (coming soon)
  • Custom presets


 Open / Plug-in / Export

  • IMPROVED: Native RAW file support, including better DNG handling
  • IMPROVED: Sharpen on export.
  • Image Resize on export (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Batch Processing, including automatic recognition of brackets, support for sub-folders and Batch presets (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Reduced color noise. Open HDR dialog. Added ability to remove images from exposure series prior to merging. Improved alignment.
  • Increased speed of merging.
  • Auto Alignment of images in HDR bracketAutomatic Deghosting of images in HDR Brackets.
  • Automatic Chromatic aberrations reduction.
  • Preset export/import.
  • Facebook sharing .
  • Flickr sharing (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • SmugMug sharing (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Twitter sharing.
  • Export to email.
  • Export to iMessage (Mac only)
  • Export to editing apps, including Photoshop (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • Export to Creative Kit (Mac only)
  • Export to Photos (Mac only)
  • Runs as Standalone software.
  • Photoshop plug-in.
  • Lightroom plug-in.
  • Photos for Mac editing extension (Mac only) Aperture extension (Mac only)
  • Open/Export to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD file format support
  • Export to PSD (coming to Mac and PC by the end of the year)
  • Export to HDR File formats .EXR, .HDR, fp-TIFF (coming to Mac and PC by the end of the year).
  • Adobe RGB wide color profile support (available fo r Mac, coming soon for PC) .
  • ProPhoto wide color profile support (available for Mac, coming soon for PC) .