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Project #1

Hidden Beauty Above

Project #2

Abundance Of Emptiness

Project #3


Project: Hidden Beauty Above


Often beauty unveils at places where you don’t expect it, for example above our heads. This time not the sky is the object of desire, but the ceiling of the buildings we walk or linger in. Looking vertical up, suddenly things come into focus which would normally evade attention. Discover surprising details such as fascinating patterns and structures, baffling objects and irritating items, and the unsettled play of shadow and light.

These photos were shot at various places in Europe, USA and Asia like anonymous airports and railway stations, stylish hotels and humble guesthouses, fusty stairways, and glorious monuments.

All photos were directed by accident. The element of surprise is the principle of design. There is no staging and I left image details and perspective to chance. The camera lays on its back and captures what it sees. Ready.

Project:  Abundance Of Emptiness


No style, no content, no message: what remains of the image when almost everything has disappeared? A meditation on color and structure and the emptiness.

Project: The World Is RED, GREEN, BLUE


The human brain is a hi-tech gimmick from nature. It is capable of perceiving about 20 million different shades of color. By mixing just 3 colors, almost all of them can be displayed on the screen: 16.7 million colors. The animation is part of a series and represents a homage to RED, GREEN, BLUE – the RGB color space used for monitors around the world and many other self-luminous color-representing systems.