More than a hundred curious visitors took the opportunity to attend the vernissage of the current exhibition „Lichtblicke“ by photo artist Norbert Schäfer. The pictures could be seen in a law firm on Königsallee in Düsseldorf. Norbert Schäfer showed 26 works. In addition to some classics and motifs from the Urban Animals series, many new works could be seen. Schäfer consistently develops his style further, creating filigree, diffuse moods and intoxicating color compositions. In his works he leaves the classic photography approach of capturing a snapshot of reality behind and considerably expands the alphabet of photographic expression.

Schäfer’s way of thinking and working is characterized by the use of blur, the composition of many image layers and the use of digital editing tools. Individual photographs are usually only starting points for a long, creative process with many twists and turns and surprises. Schäfer’s works are like voyages of discovery that always reveal new details.

The „Lichtblicke“ exhibition was made possible by the commitment of the Greisbach lawyers in the field of art. In her event series „Art In Business“, Stella Greisbach presents a wide variety of artists and their works three times a year in the offices of the company.